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  • Final Exams Timetables

    Final Exams Timetables

    With our best wishes for all student.  

  • Mid-Term Exams Timetables

    Mid-Term Exams Timetables

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  • Vacancies


    Vacancies   Directors & vice Teachers ( of all subjects ) physician ( Visitor) Administrative Please apply on : Or Abu-El-Rish Kebly, behind School of Engineering (University of Aswan) - Aswan Notre Dame College

  • General Manager Word

    General Manager Word

    Dear Parents We renew our oath to you to work hard for our sweet hearts, our beloved children & for your minds’ peace. Our educational programs will be soon between your hands as well as our outstanding entertaining programs, sport activities & social activities. Only here, in Aswan’s paradise & ...

  • Notre Dame General Manager

    Notre Dame General Manager

    Our dear parents, we kept our promise to you. Aswan Notre Dame College 's General Manager now is: Dr. Mohammed Gaber English PHD Certified Management PHD Certified Education Management Expert  

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Our Vision

We aim to provide an enjoyable educational atmosphere which must be interesting and including everything in it. This atmosphere must consider both the psychological and physical aspects and the individual differences as well to prepare a generation which is creative in thinking, initiative and capable of facing the modern challenges and to learn as well, A generation that accepts the other and loves his country..

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a democratic atmosphere which gives the student the ability to express him/herself independently ..

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