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“We all are Egyptian ” Program

Dear Parents..

Our beloved school Notre Dame is interested in creating a new generation of Egyptians how believes in love , citizenship ,equality , community unity , all noble values , sticking to our Egyptian identity and leaving hatred and  a generation can build a great community through cooperation , love , tolerance & hard work.

Hence, the school will,


Develops this spirit through artistic activities in school broadcast which consolidates the concept of love , tolerance & hatred to the others


After meeting both Islamic & christian religions teachers in the school , the school board decided starting activities which call for all the morals & right principles which we bring our children to.


The school starts a religions competition in both Islamic & christian religions in the following topics:

A. Islamic Religion:

Memorizing as many parts as possible of Al Qur’an Al Kareem

B. Christian Religion:

Memorizing as many Psalms & Coptic hymns.

Note that the school will revise & explain what the students learn & will start helping the beginners as well, notifying you with what we achieve.

The judges will be the Awkaf local head quarters manager & Fr. Morkos -Priest of virgin Mary’s church in Aswan.

There will be valuable prizes for the first three winners in each competition.

The Family Role :

Please, note that you should reinforce the concept of these principles & morals to consolidate the school work for the benefits of our children.


Reinforce the concepts of tolerance ,love & equality


Focusing on the idea of rejecting hatred & accepting the other.


Reinforcing the concept of citizenship.






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